Knife Expo 2012

I picked up some more materials from the knife show in Pasadena today. It was nice talking with the makers. Thanks Ken & Sharon Mcfall and Randy & Sonja Lee. You are good people We always enjoy talking with you at the shows.  

New Photos

Making progress on a new batch of knives. Added new photos to Progress page

Knife Care Tips

Below are some tips on caring for your custom knife. Following these will ensure a long life for your investment. Follow these tips for your user knives and for your display knives. Tip #1: Use the knife for it’s intended purpose A knife is a knife and not a screwdriver, pry bar, or hammer. If you own […]

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Return from knife expo 2010

I had a great time at the expo. The knifemakers were knowledgable and friendly as usual. I was able to load up on supplies. I also got to watch a demonstration by Bill Herndon on blade grinding.

Knife Expo 2010

Knife Expo 2010 presented by Southern California Blades is beginning this Friday at the Pasadena conference center.  I’m excited to see some awesome knives,  talk to some of the makers, and stock up on supplies.